When do you know he is falling in love?

We have been dating for 2 months. We really enjoy spending time with eachother. We see eachother around 4 times a week. He is very sweet during the sex and he cuddles with me after. And we hug an kiss many times when we are not in the bed. He looks at me all the time. But i sometimes got the feeling that he is not listening to me. We are not really good at talking about our feelings, so i have no idea how he feels about me. And because i dont know i feel very insecure. What should i do?


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  • Just be comfortable with it. If feelings have a tendency of making things awkward, then relax. Timidness is contagious and it causes unneeded decisions. So if you want to keep him, relax, make him feel at home, pre or post-sex. Bit by bit he will like it, and hey, you'll be a couple without any exchange of awkward conversations

  • Get your friend to find out.


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  • It's both your duties to make the other person feel safe and secure in the relationship. If he isn't doing that then you need to voice your needs loud and clear. Some guys can't pick up on what is bothering you so you won't ever get anywhere without communicating.