How do you get confidence and the girl when?

Well as the question is starting to state, how do you get confidence and the girl, it seems like I'm invisible and can't seem to get the girl I want to get. Like for example this one girl I have been working with will act like I'm invisible, sometimes when I talk to her she acts like I didn't say anything. I will try to get her to laugh but she will give me that nervous laugh. I haven't done anything that is weird. I will stand next to her and she won't bother say one word to me at all. Yet she talks to other people. Well I will look over at her every so often because I find her very attractive, but I do try to get to know more about her, but that's like pulling teeth. I should also mention she has a boyfriend. That's just one example but the story of my life. So with things like that under my belt it seems impossible for me to get confidence and a girlfriend. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


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  • You're trying far too hard from the sounds of it.

    Treat her like you would a guy friend. Don't try to make moves on her while she's dating.
    If she were your girlfriend and another guy were doing that; you know damn well you'd be mad. But probably also laughing because she can hold her own against "suitors".

    Distract yourself.

  • it's very possible that she just doesn't like you. talk to her friends and see if they talk to you. if they are encouraging she is probally just shy and likes you but if her friends are acting like your invisible, she doesn't like you.


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  • she has a boyfriend i wouldn't even bother with her or any girl whos taken