Girls, Is there a chance being I haven't seen her in a while?

I used to work with this girl who I liked she was very quite and shy almost and I would always catch her looking at me so I finally decided to talk to her after she had told me she had a very bad last relationship I didn't want to push it being a delicate situation. I noticed I was the only guy she would talk to she would even avoid talking to other guys. I had once mention talking a road trip to see a car I was planing on restoring she asked if she could tag along and was disappointed when I told her the car hald already sold. She then told me she was changing jobs and told me where she was gong I asked her for a number then right there my boss walks I and sends me out on a call when I returned she was gone. I went to her new job and when I faintly found her she was staring at me I had to walk around some stuff to get to her and she was gone. Her sister still works with me and never talked to me until recently now it's constant she's always asking me if I like her sister that used to work with us. I haven't been able to run into her being my crazy schedule haven't seen her in months the wired thing I noticed if I post a picture she likes it quick the unliked it the first time I thought it was accidental but it keeps happening. The other night I ran into her sister and that girls boyfriend they invited me for ice cream and she was telling me about how bad the girls relationship was and fishin for answers out of me but never saying if the girl still likes me she did say that her sister never talks to guys and since she talked to me that's a good sign but I don't know how some one could hold interest this long


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  • Maybe she likes you back but she is shy, otherwise why would her sister ask about you liking her?