Does this make me jealous?

So 2 of my friends have boyfriends (one is long distance and the other isn't) I've noticed that at lunch, all they ever talk about are cute quotes about relationships and stuff to say to our boyfriend. It's annoying. Especially with he dad that they want to get married to them after highschool. And I'm sitting here like,"Uh, thats not going to work out." Do I come ss jealous? I have told them, but I was curious.


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  • No, I think that you're trying to put some sense in their minds. Getting married after High School ain't a good idea, they should wait at least until after college.


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  • Yes, you actually sound jealous.


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  • I guess you're right. In my opinion, people in a steady relationship don't need to talk about it or brag about it.


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