Why do people say to get to know her before asking her out?

That's the point of asking her out... to get to know her.. jesus lol

Like is saying 'Hey I was standing over there and I think you're cute and I'm wondering if you wanna hang out' out of the ordinary or something


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes that's out of the ordinary because most people don't just talk to strangers I guess. Like at least in bars and clubs that's kinda what people expect, but when it's outside that type of environment it's quite surprising. Plus I think for most people what they mean is like at least know a little bit about her so that she knows you and is comfortable with you, so she'd be more likely to actually say yes to a date.

    • But like you said most people don't talk to strangers, so it's kinda hard to know someone a little bit if it's out of the ordinary to talk to them

      God this is so complicated lol

    • Well it's more normal I guess to like ask for someone's number first and then "get to know them" over text and THEN ask them out.

What Guys Said 2

  • Well I think people do just ask them out straightaway after college or maybe after high school.

    But if you have an opportunity to know them before an actual date then, perhaps you could save your time and money by ending up avoiding a bitch or asshole.

  • Ya i see what you mean it depends. I mean if you sit by her in class, it's good to talk beforehand since you have the opportunity to do so. But if you see someone at the gym or something, you may want to approach and get her number because you may not see them again. Then you would get to know them better via texting and going out afterwards. Just depends on the circumstance I think.