How to get someone to like you when you can only text?

I really like this guy we've been more than friends before but lost contact for about a year and recently he's started talking to me again a little and we met up a couple of times, but for the next 4 months we will only be able to talk over text, and not regularly due to needing wifi and a 7 hour time difference. currently its taking at least 4/5 hours for each of us to be able to reply, sometimes a lot more. Does anyone have any advice on how to get a guy to fall for you in this situation? i'm worried he's gonna forget about me or it'll never move past friends


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  • keep texting

    • it's just hard to get into the swing of a conversation when its like 2 texts a day, i know he's busy but i feel like if he liked me more he'd try harder to send more messages.

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    • I'm replying soon as i see the messages i know its till taking me a few hours but for example, i text him back last night before i went to bed and he still hasn't replied in 16 hours even though he's been online since, i know he's busy but he will have read my message and just not replied when he could have, so i think we could be talking more but he is making it harder. but he was the one that insisted we keep talking over the next 4 months when i wasn't sure about it , so thats why i need him to like me more but i don't know how to do it in this situation

    • be straight with him in this situation, cause that's just annoying when you got a good feeling something is up.

      and its 2016, everyone checks their phone at least 100 times in a day, there is no way he didn't see your message so the chances are he is intentionally putting it off for whatever reason. if you don't like that, confront him about it.

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  • Be interesting and don't just chit-chat with him. Bring up interesting topics.


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  • If it's mutual, conversation will carry itself.

    • i definitely like him more than he likes me but he was the one that contacted me first and after me saying i wasn't sure if i wanted to start talking again he convinced me we should talk over the summer and see what happens when we both get back but with the amount of time between texts i don't know if his feelings will grow

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  • U forget about him! he isn't worth it.