Was it a ''boredom'' text or a ''on my mind'' text?

Me and this dude text off and on, nothing serious..We have a good vibe when we're around each other but we both know it can't be anything more than just friends...We went one or two weeks without texting and then one day, he hits me up! The convo was cool but was it a boredom text or a on my mind text?


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  • Interesting. How do you know that he feels the same way about you concerning a relationship that is more serious than a regular friendship? And does he call you a lot? Does he ask a lot of questions and show interest in you?

    If so, then you are on his mind!

    • He does ask questions, and he does show interest! but with the calling, no...but I'm ok with him not calling because I know the circumstances..


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  • guys don't usually text girls out of nowhere because they're bored. I think he wants u, and you shud show him you want him too. Don't give him mixed signals, or he'll lose interest.

    • Youre right...but I don't think I give him mixed signals..its pretty clear on what kind of vibe we have with each other I guess...

    • As a girl, you might think so. But guys and girls are totally different. You might think that ur giving him signals, but to guys, we read things completely different.

  • He obviously does`nt think of you as a threat if he takes two weeks off. His first choice probably fissled or he got tired of her. Either way, like 1234 said you should give him some and see how he reacts.

  • blow him and find out.


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