Is he my boyfriend? Are we dating? What's going on?

I found this guy in a dating website right after the disappearance of my previous boyfriend. I talked to him and he listened and calmed me down even thought I kept talking about my ex, he never got annoyed. This guy is 28 and I'm 19, we are completely different generations but somehow still manage to click in. The 1st time I met him I went to his apt. Nothing happened we just watched movies ate pizza and cuddled on his couch. On the second date it was very similar but there was a kiss (several) I have no experience with this so for me was really embarrassing and kept turning away but he managed to kiss me. Anyways we've been on several dates he hugs me and holds my hand and kisses me in front of other people. He recently took me to his parents house (although they weren't there ) and finally he asked me if I wanted to spend the night in there. We slept in the same bed, nothing sexual he didn't touch me all night but was always facing me. Another thing is that, I'm already moving out and at some point I didn't have a place to stay at so he offered me that I could stay at his place while I found something but I declined because I don't want to ruin anything that hasn't started. What concerns me is that we haven't kissed lately, I don't know if he is waiting for me to reach out to him? I'm too shy to do it. And this far I don't know where do I stand and won't ask him yet because it's hard on me.


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  • Well he's probably keeping distant because he knows you're too young for him. And I'm glad nothing sexual happened LMAO


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  • Your thinking too much instead of just going with the flow. Yes its too fast to move on bc you dont know him and are not together yet but why do you think your so shy? I mean he doesn't want to feel like he is making all the moves. Show him you want him too by kissing first at times. Guys like to feel wanted too. You got to get over that shyness hun. You should be a little more comfortable now and he is showing you that he is not just trying to get in your parents.

    Seems to be a good guy here but give it some more time before moving in and see how the dating goes. Dont let your shyness over come you to where he is initiating the kisses and such. Feel the shyness and go for it meaning face it and try to show initiation

    • Yes thank you :)
      I'm not moving in with him, I don't want to ruin anything I haven't started

    • yes just go with the flow but move in like you said. You still need to see what this guy is about

  • Since you haven't had the talk about being exclusive, I'd say you two are dating each other but not quite in a relationship. I believe there is a difference, you should reach out to him, if you're too shy you shouldn't have gone to his apartment the FIRST time lol, how shy can you truly be?

    • Well I dont think the whole world is full of bad guys.
      So I ended up going and just like I thought he didn't try anything funny