If a guy went to jail quite a bit, would you stay away from him?

ladies if a guy went to jail a lot would you keep your distance from him? Is he a bad guy or does he just make bad decisions or does he have bad luck? Let's say he just goes for petty tickets like speeding or parking. Let's say he stole a t-shirt and went to jail 3 days only for petty Theft. Is he a bad guy? Would you be embarrassed to claim him as your boyfriend? Would you not associate with him? Let's say he went to jail a lot when he's in his teen years for stupid stuff like drinking in public or fighting in public, running from cops, just childish shit. Would you really prejudge him and keep your distance? He's really nice and sweet to you and respectful to your friends and family as well, his personality doesn't resemble that of a criminal but he does have a little lion hidden inside him and that lion lands him in trouble unfortunately.😌 What would you decide to do if this guy hit on you or wanted to be around you a lot and be friends?

Im a pretty honest guy so honestly I fall into that category, I do make silly decisions sometimes that land me in troublesome spots but if I go down I never involve anyone else, I'm a grown ass man so my is take the repercussions of my fuck ups... 😀 πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Basically what I'm saying is none of us know the future, you could walk outside and be arested for littering. And it would really suck if the person you're attracted to judge you like you're filling out a job application or something, you can't be a criminal or you can't have anything on your criminal record or she won't date youπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I understand you women are sometimes afraid but I believe fear and excitement and dangerous things are the things that makes life exciting. If everything went smoothly you'd be bored with life before you even turned 18😀

But it this is just how I feel about things😌
If I gotta be that much of a good guy to date an girl I want than I guess I'll die alone😌

  • I would keep my distance and not associate nor date with him
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  • I would date him and or be his friend
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  • I might be afraid of him a little bit and think he's too dangerous
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What type of man goes home and lives like he's apart of the Brady bunch family or some shit?😤😪😒 I'll settle down when I need a cane or a wheel chair or when I have kids but until I see those days, I'm gonna dance and run and sometimes curse and if I see someone slippin then in gonna come up... I'm not talking about killing or robbing or killing people but I will take the money if I find a lost wallet and I'll mail you your wallet back. That's my example of Slippin
😈 I'm a fuckin lion in a tuxedo not house cat in a mini skirt!


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  • As in still is in and out of jail? No I would not date him. If he is over 18 I would expect him to act like an adult when it comes to following laws. Also who pays your bail? Because that is expensive lol. If this was something he got caught up in/made some poor choices and served his time and turned his life around, then yes I would date him. We've all made mistakes. But that in and out of jail gig gets old realllll quick.

    • I knew you were a cool person gawd I wish thre were more of you! Lol someone should clone you!

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    • And I'm terribly sorry for your horrible experience. I guess there's just things in this world people dread facing

    • Lol I think we are misunderstanding one another. Anyway, take care and (try) to stay out of trouble 😊

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  • Lulz. OF COURSE they would. They'd sleep with him knowing full well he's sleeping with a dozen other women. NOTHING turns women on more than loser criminals.

    They'll SAY they wouldn't date him, but that's a lie. NEVER listen to what women say, ALWAYS pay attention to what they do.


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  • I would be his friend but probably not date him. Consistently landing himself in jail is just a mark of poor decision making and that's not someone I want to pursue a relationship or a future with. Parking or speeding tickets are easily avoided and you don't go to jail for them, you just pay them off. If he went a lot as a teen but doesn't any more then I wouldn't care, because people do dumb shit when they're young.

    If we're talking about you, at 29 there's no need to steal a tshirt, so it's more indicative of the mindset is what i'm saying.

    • Lmao I I'm 29! do you Honestly think I'd steal a fuckin shirt at my age?πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ woow! Would you rather pay a could of hundred dollars for a fuckin parking ticket of would you rather spend a weekend in jail and get out of the ticket for free? When I say lots of parking tickets and trsfiic tickets, I'm referring to street sweeper, tickets, parking tickets, speeding tickets, red light tickets, etc... But friendship is good enough for me cuz intimate relationships usually have lots of irrelevant arguments and disagreements and I'd prefer to avoid that head acheπŸ˜“

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    • And I would never be stupid enough to make my womdn dislike me or be grossed out by me, going to jail like some little hoodlum is stupid! I was just justifying myself in certain areas of my personal life, I turned myself in for Jail
      Time instead of paying a traffic ticket I got 4 years ago

    • Okay well that's 4 YEARS AGO lol anyone who holds onto something that long has some issues in my opinion. As long as you're straight from whenever I start dating you or taking an interest in you, then whatever.

  • It's just that the lifestyle and choices are polar opposite my own. I can't see compatibility with someone who would keep money from a found wallet, or take a T Shirt or whatever.

    Before I get blasted, I dated a guy who spent ten years in jail before I met him for attempted murder, so... yeah. It lasted only a few months because his parole terms etc seriously were at odds with what I wanted out of life. Even getting pulled over for a speeding ticket was an adventure with someone with a record.

    • I mean not murder and shit, that's too wild, but I'm talking about minor situations that's why I listed things like tickets and stuff

  • As long as he respected me and treated me like I deserved and treated my family well, I will admit I would be a bit upset if he got arrested like any girl would be if there boyfriend/friend got arrested but at the end of the nobody is perfect so as long as it's not murder or rape I could look past it

  • This is a lose-lose for us.

    If we say yes. We'd date him, we'd be stereotyped "omg, girls love bad boys. See I told you. If she gets abused, it's her fault for dating or being friends with a person who has been in jail."

    If we say no "omg, girls are such judgmental bitches. It was only jail for speeding tickets/petty theft. Girls have such high standards and they wonder why they're single, bitter, cat ladies lololol".

    There's no right answer.

    • I don't hit women but Ohwell I don't associate with people who fear me anyway! Life wasn't meant to be lived in fear, I see no point in living if you live life in a your safe little sand box and play with your non sharp toys

    • Lack of experience has you in fear because humans usually fear what they don't understand and they fear the things that look scared and dangerous, thus lack of experience but okay.. To each his/her own

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  • A right-thinking woman would be afraid one day that 'little lion inside him' is going to be attacking her.

    • I don't hit women but Ohwell I don't associate with people who fear me anyway! Life wasn't meant to be lived in fear, I see no point in living if you live life in a your safe little sand box and play with your non sharp toys

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    • @Shigeno well see, this is why your dumb and stupid, you assume I'm the one stealing shirts and shit.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I did turn myself in for jail time due to lack of paying a shitty ass rip off parking ticket... But that's cuz I have no problem getting placed in hand cuffs for 3 or 4 days to go sleep somewhere else and eat peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches but I'm sure you'd cry if it happens to your scarey ass. But hey that's okay... Some of us were just born weaker mentally and physically than others. Some are fat and ugly and pale and have never dated an attractive girl, I guess you fall into many of those catorgories huh...πŸ€”πŸ˜Œ

    • Jesus Christ, your mentality, language and writing skills resemble that of a 8 year old. Grow up...

  • Yes filler