This guy is the toughest I've dealt with! What does he want from me?

I have been havin sex with this guy for a year and I told him I hate that he doesn't talk to me for a couple days after we have sex. He said oh I didn't know we were supposed to? I'm like cmon we should be dating - dating is fun! I was like I'm just a booty call to u or that's how u treat me and if that's the case I'm going to move on.& anytime I talk about moving on he's gets all weird. I told him I'm done but he is non stop snap chatting me still. It's like it doesn't want to let go but his pride is too high to admit he likes me.


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  • Have some self respect he's using you


What Girls Said 1

  • you made yourself a booty call and now you're confused because he treats you like a booty call?

    girl leave him and treat yourself better