How would you feel if your boyfriend texted you good morning, good night and even a message for you to see while on break?

I always text my girlfriend a good morning and night message along with a message for her to see (hopefully enjoy) when she is on lunch at work. I'm afraid if I keep doing this she will become indifferent and would be annoyed by it. So what do you think?

  • Ugh god😒 That's annoying.
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  • Awe😊 How sweet
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  • He is too damn clingy
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  • Eh... Don't care
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  • Results option.
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  • Tone it down a bit man.
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  • Keep at it.
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Well apparently it annoyed her because she dumped me today😅
Never mind everyone she dumped me. Sorry for wasting your time.


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  • She Surely has a Keeper, here, dear.
    Good luck and Good Going, @ZeatZed xx

    • Now all I have to do is convince her overly protective parents that I'm a keeper😂 It's been a tad difficult since she still lives with them.

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    • Doesn't matter now she dumped my sorry ass😅

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • I would love a boyfriend like that 😊

    • Well apparently my "ex girlfriend didn't like it. She dumped me😅

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