Boyfriend/friend drama?

hello everyone and thanks in advance for your advice. I'll give you the shortened version:

me and one of my close friends got into an argument- she assumed things that weren't true and before she could even speak to me about it she flew off the deep end and called my boyfriend told him all this BS. (She's going through drug addiction righht now). Needless to say I ended that friendship, and never looking back. My boyfriend still believes everything she has been saying , and I'm not sure where to turn from me. He was the one who originally hated her and didn't like me being friends with her. But now he's listening to everything she has to say. Should I cut him loose based on this too?
I have a past of messing up with him and cheating once which he knows about. He's also in drug rehab. That was no excuse to cheat, but I couldn't deal with to drug issue since I have never used or been around it. That's the reason why I did in the first place. But that was years ago.


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  • Yes but mostly because he's a junkie.


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  • I think you should stop associating yourself with people who take drugs.