I suck at holding a conversation?

It really sucks, guys that i would love to talk to write me off as a potential girlfriend because my lack of conversation skills. I can easily speak to friends i'm close to and family members, but with everyone else i pretty much stick to the basics and say what i need to say or what they ask and offer nothing more. It's like i'm one of those people you have to talk to for awhile for me to open up more and not seem socially idiotic. It really sucks because the kind of men i like want a women of substance, and although i do have that, all they see is someone who can't hold a conversation, basically someone uninteresting with nothing to say. I'm a very pretty girl ( not to seem arrogant) so yeah i can get guys to talk to me, based on that online, but for that to be the only reason they like me. It honestly sucks, Like how do i become a better conversation holder? and the guys who do talk to me only seem to talk about sex, like literally i hate this shit. I feel so inadequate it isn't even funny. I know some of you are going to say if they don't take the time to get to know you they aren't worth it anyway. But damn, everyone i'm interested in will never be interested in me. I'm so annoyed with myself. WHY CAN'T YOU BE NORMAL AND TALK.


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  • im also bad at holding conversations because im shy and have social anxiety. im really trying my best to get better but something you can try but only situational is maybe doing mdma at a party or on a night out when trying to get to know someone. im able to comfortably talk for hours doing that.


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  • "how do i become a better conversation holder"
    Do you have interesting hobbies/activities? Is your life interesting enough?
    If yes, then it's only a matter of practice. You should practice more.


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