She gives me all the signs, sends tons of pics, says she will give me a chance, but tells me she likes another guy, what do I do?

So I met a girl who was giving me all the signs, laughing at the corny things I said and all eyes for me, plus tons of conversation. I got the courage to ask for her phone number and she did, but started it off with she had a boyfriend, then next day said boyfriend broke up with her, then it was she wanted the guy to make the first move, and when I did, she said she had a thing for another guy without saying yes, no or maybe. So I let it go a little while, until she told me this guy shot her down, when I asked her a second time, she said she wanted to but she wants to get over him first. I'm too much of a romantic to play that hard to get bs, and she already told me she wants me to take her to Chinese and then already brought up cooking for me on a second date. But she just won't take the first step of saying yes. What am I supposed to do.


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  • You will be played. She is know what else he wants and you are giving into anything she says. She's a fickle little girl

    • so u think you can insult people and go away. you think u are perfect. you are a stupid brain less hair. haha look at yourself. you are ugly and disgusting. you did 4some with 3 guys?
      did they pay you after it? just becoz i didn't want to reply to you this didn't mean i have no balls. i was just disgusted to get down to ur dirty level. u are just a f***** wh*****

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    • u can try to block me this time too :)

    • look at this :)
      KattFeesh 5 Xper Age: 20 mho 8%

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  • You are her backup guy, move on.


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  • She's not worth your time, move on and please don't look back.

  • Dude she's playing you. If she were truly interested, she would've gotten with you by now. "Playing hard to get" is just an excuse for acting like an asshole lol. But if you wanna still go for it, go ahead.

  • Sounds like she's trying to keep you close in case she can't get anyone else.
    My advice would be to move on, if you keep spending time on this girl it will just hurt you more in the long run.
    Find someone who appreciates you and will treat you right.


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