Can you be friendzone in a relationship?

Most people think of friendzone when two people are friends, but one of the person wants to be more than friends and the other person only wants to be friends. What if two people are in a romantic relationship, can you still get friendzone. I think this girl that I am dating is friendzoning me? We do kiss and hold hands, but sometimes she treats me like her little sister. She always tells me all her problems from work. Then she ask for favors like if I can pick up her clothes from the cleaners. Am I being friendzone?


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  • No, I feel like that's totally normal in a relationship. That's not friendzoning. I think when you're in a relationship you should be with someone who you are ALSO friends with. I ask my boyfriend to like help me get gas sometimes and I complain about work to him all the time, and ask him to pick me up and drop me off places when I need help.


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  • No , you are not.
    She tells you her problems because she is dating you.
    she will not go to a stranger to tell her problems.
    Asking for picking up clothes is not a favor to be honest. She can ask you that.

  • As women we want our boyfriends to be our friends too. So just listen to her complain, give her your advice and move on. If she's asking you for help for stuff, I'm sure just genuinely wants help. I wouldn't think too far into it


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