Guys, my guy friend said that he loves me? Do you think he's serious?

There's a guy that I've been talking to online (though we know eachother from real life) for a long time since my last break up from my ex of 5 years. He and I talked for over a year now. Recently when we were discussing things between us he casually said that he loves me, more than once. I have developed feelings for him and he has some for me, which we both know but we haven't been ready to take things further in the past. We might try to date now and I'm wondering do you think he meant he loves me romantically? ... Like actually loves me?


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  • Stopped at "online".

    • Guess if you had more of an attention span you'd see that I said I know him from real life

    • Doubt you can truly love someone just through online talks

  • I would say he loves the person you have shown him and that is a positive start... it is so hard these days to see the signs because people manipulate them to use others as well... I am always rooting for love and all the jou it brings and I say never miss a chance it could be the love of a lifetime... as you date remember to communicate honestly and in loving ways then it will be easier to achieve coupled bliss... hope it helps hugz n smiles๐Ÿ€๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ€