I sent her roses today is she cheating on me?

Hello, so lately my fiancee and I have been going through some relationship troubles, today I sent her roses which she really liked and sent me a pic of them on her desk at work. However, I've been concerned she could be cheating, One of my worries is in this photo I notice a note to the right of the stick man says something "love" it looks to me it starts with a D. I've tried zooming in but I can't seem to make it out. I'm a little worried what it could say especially because the guy who I've worried she could be cheating with's name starts with a D. Can anyone please make this out? You will likely have to zoom in on the photo, but I still can't fully make it out. Remove the space in the link.

imagur. com//WzlcFEI

I'm also worried because she's mentioned this guy Drew at the gym who hits on her and I can't tell if the note says "Drew's love" or "Dove Love" or maybe something else lol. Can anyone make it out?


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  • If you are suspicious of your fiance' cheating and you clearly don't trust her, you should probably call the wedding off.


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  • The link is broken. Yeah, I did remove the space and the extra slash.

    • Sorry I mistyped the link it's imgur. com//WzlcFEI


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  • I say just walk into her office and look with your own eyes, instead of analysing a photo and going crazy over it.

    And at the end of the day, it does not matter if 20 men are sending her love letters, that is something that is out of her control... what matters is that she is not acting on any of them. She is marrying you, give her the benefit of the doubt.


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  • Try praying maybe and asking for advise or your dad could have advise.