Requestinh helpful advise in dealing with a friend who?

Hey all , I need advise. I have been friends with Aaron since middle-school and he seems to have a lot of woman issues since high school and into our 20s. And no this is not me. But anyway, he often gets depressed and will talk forever about women he likes. But hers the thing... 1 - he just thinks there hot that's it, he doesn't understand looks fade in time. 2 - he falls in love with every woman that smiles at him or talks to him. 3 - he try's to impress them all the time with looks and jokes. But he's not this type. In public he's very different but fake different you know? I told him he should change that but no. See I'm not myself In public. Im very quiet and mature and professional in everything I say. But when I'm with my family or brother and sisters I'm dorky and funny and all that good stuff. But Aaron no.. I don't know. 4 - he try's so hard to come off as a bad ass. Which I think because he's bald and over weight he try's to make up for it. He says he's always been jealous of me. In which I told him " Aaron I'm flattered you give me so mug praise but you shouldn't say these things." I not know why, I should be jealous of him, I haven't had my first kiss or been on a date yet and I'm 24. Or even had a girlfriend still... Hmmm... I just feel he will do something stupid and fall for a girl that he thinks will be good but be opposite... 5 - he flirts way too much, and I try to tell him , don't do the typical flirts , do romantic polite ones. But no.. He says "I can't be like you". Anyway I been trying to help him for a long time and I'm lost. Any help will do!


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  • If he is not willing to listen to you or accept any help you're providing him, there is nothing you can do.


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  • Pussy fucker

    • Sorry wrong comment lol