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I have been talking this guy for 3 months I got mad at him blow up sent him a bunch of emotional text about my feelings the way he was handling things with me and him not communicating told him forget you delete my number. I've tried apologizing for getting angry and overacting he said I was texting him all that stuff like we're married or in a relationship. My response was were not in a relationship but we are sleeping together. His response was he don't wanna talk that me being aggravating crazy turned him off and that I said delete his number so I'm going to do that. I told him he's knows I'm not crazy and that I didn't mean that I just got upset about somethings. Can I redeem myself with him?


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  • Seeing as how it looks like this was a friends with benefits relationship the only way would probably be to offer up some ass. Other than that he is most likely done.

    By acting that way it seems you should be in a relationship. Most guys won't put up with the blowing up and emotional texting if they are just hitting it.


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  • probably not and he is right. You are already getting that mad doing those things so early is letting him see how you really are. No one would like someone to blow up at them that bad. What did he do? The fact that you are not his girl is even worse for him bc that is a headache. Its scarry So i understand how he could be turned off.

    What to do? Just be quiet. Dont text nor call him or anything and see what happens. If he comes back, then he really liked you and got over it. If he doesn't, then he may have still liked you but acting like that when y'all are not even together ran him off and i get that. Next time a guy makes you mad esp so soon, learn how to express it to him without being over the top and just talk to him but know that you are not his girl. So really you have no say so anything even if you are sleeping toegther.

    Having sex already does make the emotions high. So i get your emotions being all over but you got to learn on how to control them so you dont scare a guy a way

    • Do you think its something I can come back from with time. My feelings got involved and I started to want more for him and I got jealous seeing him interact with others I want him to be like that with me. He would say he was ignoring me trying to talk to him saying he's busy when I see proof that he's not. I know i overacted but when your feeling get involved you get mad and say things you don't mean


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  • It sounds like you have feelings for this and he sees you as a fuck buddy. That is NOT how a causal sex relationship is. Call it quits and move on. Women need to stop sleeping with men they fancy. Nothing is going to change.

  • He only see you as a friends with benefits. In most friends with benefits relationship one will always get attach to the other, and in your case you are the one attached. If you don't want him to only see you as a booty call, then don't objectify yourself to him. Just because you sleep with a guy doesn't necessarily means he will fall for you.

    I wouldn't try to redeem myself. You want more, and he simply doesn't. So wasting your time and find someone who does want a relationship with you