Do you think he will ever text me again?

I dated a guy casually for 2 years when he just stopped talking me one day out of the blue.

Recently, my friend started seeing one of his friends and now we run in the same "circle" and the other night we hung out for the first time in 2 years with my friend an his friends and we ended up having sex.

I haven't heard from him since & its bothering me because I told him how I felt about him just disappearing the first time. Its been 3 days. Do you think he will eventually texted me? even If its just for a booty call?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It really sounds like from this and the other questions that this guy is really getting to you like this just reinforced the first ghosting. I think he's unhealthy for you and you should remove him from your life, snapchat, etc


What Girls Said 1

  • I am sorry, but I don't think he will.