Started dating again, but I'm too embarrassed to let my parents know?

I started dating again after taking about 2 years off from it. The problem is, I feel ashamed and embarrassed to bring the girl home to my family. I feel as though I'm doing something wrong. Why do I feel like this and how can I get over it? My sister has a boyfriend for 5 years and my parents are completely ok with it.


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  • You're an adult, aren't you?

    • Yeah so? What's your point?

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    • Why? Were your parents restricting you?

    • Nope. They're completely ok with it. My sister has a boyfriend and he comes over plenty

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  • It looks like you live in a conservative country/culture where dating is frowned upon.

    • No, my parents are fine with my sister having a boyfriend. For some reason, I just feel like I'm commuting a crime if I bring home a girlfriend

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    • You CAN date, stop saying you can't. And thank you again!

    • No, I just can't date. I am a completely flawed individual, and I have too many issues. I am socially awkward, I have no clue about talking to women, I am not that educated and I don't know how to get women interested in me. But I just don't whine and complain like other single men. Instead, I accept my flaws, and just try to laugh them off! :)

      You're most welcome, though! :)

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