I love her... Should I wait for her?

Okay, so two years ago I fell in love with this girl. She is perfect in every way. She had this douche of a boyfriend and just broke up with him a month ago. She promised me I would definitely be her next boyfriend, I was there every day for the two years making sure she was okay. And I found out today that she is dating this other guy she just met a week ago... She promised I'm not in the friends zone, and she told me she would definitely date me... Do I wait till they break up? I did for the past 2 years... I love her. by the way she doesn't even really know him so I imagine it'll be over soon

We actually kissed recently too. It was our first, and she has my sweatshirt, that she wears often because it reminds her of me.
Okay, this'll sound like stupid drama. She met this guy and really didn't. Like him ig, but she heard from someone else that I hated her... So she went to him to make me jealous... We are trying to work this out now

I love her, I need to have her.

Thank you all for your options I appreciate them!


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  • I'd wait for years to be with the person I love , if our circumstances didn't permit us to be together for a long time , but not if he was in a relationship with someone else. I wouldn't put my life on hold for someone who is holding onto someone else.


What Guys Said 2

  • You've already waited enough
    I think you should ask her out directly though she's dating someone else but still you should do it :P

  • No, you should get to know life and if you feel the same way after 10 years, then should you commit.