Who would you rather date?

A variation on someone else's question

  • Short guy/tall girl who's average looking
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  • Tall guy/short girl who's kinda ugly
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  • Easily the first one. I wouldn't ever date a guy I thought was ugly.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't understand this question.

    For guys, it makes it out like a short girl is more desirable than a tall one, when I'm rather indifferent. But even if someone thinks a tall girl is more desirable than a short girl, then by definition the tall girl would be more attractive for being tall, so she might not be seen as ugly.

    Basically the question makes no sense to me. That said, I'd always prefer average to ugly, and beautiful to average, regardless of height.

    • Well most guys prefer short girls, so the first has a better face and the second has better height. But this question is mostly for girls really, since guys don't care much so much about height

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    • Really? I might be out of touch there. I used to be so face-centric when I was younger, but now I'm more into body so there's no longer such a clear distinction to me.

    • I think words like pretty, handsome, beautiful, cute, good looking, ugly usually refer just to the face. There are other words that take the body into account like attractive, sexy etc.. At least this is how I understand them and I think most people do


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  • I have been option A

  • I looooove tall girls so ✌

  • None.


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