He brings me to a BBQ to meet his friends and then leaves me to mingle for 8 hours. What gives?

I guy I am dating invited me to a bbq to meet his friends. I was excited! When I arrived at the BBQ, he didn't really introduce me to anyone- I had to introduce myself. Then for the next 8 hours, he left me to mingle with all of his friends while he played drinking games with some of his friends. Now, I am a very social girl, so I can handle myself just fine BUT why invite me then? I felt like I was at a networking event and I ended talking to everyone at the party but him. Why even bring me then?


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  • You're asking the wrong person...

    • why? have you done this before?

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    • I did confront him after. He shut my feelings down. He said that he checked in with me to say hi a few times and see how I was. He got defensive and annoyed. I'm ending it

    • Yeah, I think at those events, and with beer involved, some fellows just want to be 'one of the lads', and drink themselves stupid. Probably fine in a long term relationship where you know each other. But if you're just dating, and secondly, if as you say, he shuts you down, and won't even acknowledge it, then yes, kick his ass to the curb, as they say :)

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  • Sounds like a bit of a stupid thing to do. (Him not you).

    Ask him. Sounds a teenage boy thing to do. If he was bringing you as a girlfriend he should have spent some time with you and introduced you. Not treat you like a dog he dropped off at the kennels.

    • I tried to talk to him and he just my feelings down. He got defensive and annoyed

    • He sounds insecure and immature. How long have you been together? Xx


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  • what a shitty thing to do.

    • And when I confronted him about it, it shut my feelings down. He said that he checked in with me to say hi a few times and see how I was

    • thats not what i would expect when someone asks me out to a bbq!

    • Neither did I! And the fact that he did even consider my feelings. He just got defensive and annoyed

  • Not good :(


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  • I would've walked out of that BBQ if I were you...