I was watching this video asking random men in the street if they'd date a single mother?

Almost unanimous on they would if the dad wasn't around anymore. Why could that be? Isn't it better if he is around because she made good choices in men and it just didn't work out, rather then she choose the worst type of guy to go and procreate with. It doesn't make sense to me.
From a girls point of view with baby mamas, I get it, because nobody wants to be with a guy with baby mama drama, but if they're sensible and civil it's quite a bit better. It also shows him in a better light because he didn't choose some bitch to have kids with who plays with the kids not letting him see them etc...


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  • You have a point, a good one, but guys think first about the other guy being jealous of him and causing trouble. Plus we don't want to be "the other father" if that makes sense? (even though we are). If we're going to be in a child's life that isn't ours, we kind of want to be the only one. I've never been in this situation so I'm just kind of guessing here but I'm thinking this is the way most guys would think/feel. Mostly it's the drama if the other guy gets jealous or insecure, thinks we are taking over his life (child sees him as daddy, not his daddy etc etc).

    • I think like you, I would kind of like the dad around and in the child's life. And yes, would show she made a good choice in a father, regardless of why the relationship didn't work out.

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  • They don't want to deal with the ex drama. I can't blame them.


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  • What?

    • Basically the single guys in the video said they wouldn't date a single mother if they baby daddy was still in the picture. Only if he was totally gone. To me, that would mean she fucked up with her choice in men and was/is the type to choose a deadbeat or just a shitty guy in general. To me, who you choose to date says a lot about you. So why would so many men prefer that girl who chose badly over a girl who chose well but it didn't work out.

    • Because, "From a girls point of view with baby mamas, I get it, because nobody wants to be with a guy with baby mama drama" is the answer. Just swap out mom for dad and bam, you've got the male version. No one wants to deal with anyone's exes. Period.

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