What are my feelings?

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for nearly two months. He is completely in love with me and wants to spend his whole life with me. I want to do the same... But then when I completely think about our future together... I don't know... I become unsure. I'm also unsure of my feelings... Do I actually love him? Why am I so unsure? But then again when I'm away from him I feel lost and I am unable to stop thinking of him. And then I feel so peaceful when I'm with him. Why do I feel so unsure randomly?


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  • Yeah it is a test for your love that is true or not.
    Although it seem that no problem in reality but it does happens
    Cause what you learn is experience instead of future.
    future is no form that you can see so you are afraid of it.
    If so... I just ask that is the load worth to walk through
    Instead of being like will I lost the future?


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  • it happens... maybe you feel unsure because you guys are still young


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  • Now ain't hormones a bitch.

  • Well you sound happy with him so I think its just like when someone gets married and have cold feet before the wedding all you can do is focus on how much you like or even love him and hope for the best for the future


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