Was I too forward with him?

A Taurus guy asked me, "You wanna hang out one of these nights?"
I replied, "Hey, (his name) are you asking me out on a date ;)?"
He said, "Yea, we can call it a date :)"
I replied, "Ok cool... let me know the plan and we can set something up! Here's my number ###-###-####"
He replied with a picture of a thumps up

He has not hit me up since 4 days, but he is always active online. I went out with him once a few years ago but he told me "it wasn't a date." So, he found me online and we caught up one day and then he asked me out. (Last time I remember he had issues with women in the past trying to take him for his money) But, I never showed him I was like that and I'm not that type.

But, do you think I was too forward with him?


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  • You weren't forward at all in my opinion, all you did was confirm if it was a date and gave him your number (I'd expect that). I would be forward now being it's been 4 days and ask him what plans he's made for your date and get him to pick a date and time. His response, "Yea, we can call it a date" is a little weird and questionable to me? Unless he was just really shy, this is odd. Makes me wonder how interested he really is in you? Especially now when you haven't heard from him in 4 days. It's not your fault though or because of anything you did. It will be him totally.


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  • When someone asks you on a date, you make the plan RIGHT THERE. You either ask when or you book a time and place yourself. If it was me I would respond "Ok cool... Friday at 21h at "some place" good for you?" and that's it. But it's too late now. You weren't too forward with him, don't worry. I guess you just need to wait now.

    • Yeah, I'll give him to next weekend and delete him. Thanks for your advice.


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  • The only question id like answered in that whole story is: Why is him being Taurus have to do with anything?
    You do know that astrology is bullshit, right?

    • Some people go by that and I've read articles that say Taurus men don't like forward women. But put that aside, can you give me your opinion on my question? Thanks

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    • You can't ask a guy about your concerns?
      Yeah, your posts are bursting with logic.
      Im guessing you're american?

    • I can TELL a guy about MY concerns. You phrased your statement wrong. You intentionally wrote on my post to be a jerk. Your opinion didn't add any value at all. You trying to generalize about Americans makes you ignorant. Your postings are bursting with sarcasm and rudeness.

  • He wasn't as forward as you since he said "we can call it a date" and not "yes, a date", so yes, you did.

    • So, you're saying he wanted me to plan the date?

    • maybe you should've let him ask you for your number and not give it to him right away

  • low key sounds like he was trying to suss and you made it a bit to committed for him, you didn't do anything wrong, just might not be what he was looking for.

    • You could be right. He probably wanted something more casual. Is it too harsh to delete him from Facebook, if I don't hear from him by next weekend?

    • HAHA harsh? 😂 fuck him, would probably get his attention and he might hit you up about it, if he does I suggest you ignore. Good luck tho

    • Lol. Thanks!

  • Guys don't really ask gifls on dates anymore. Its meant to be more casual and dates have become some traditional serious thing. Chances are you should of stuck to hanging out. He probably doesn't want the pressure plus the expectation of a date

    • I totally get what you're saying. I was trying to be playful and upbeat especially considering we "hung out" years ago once and he randomly told me, "by the way this is not a date." I didn't even ask him anything then. Normally, I don't bring up the question, "Is this a date?" to any guy. I only wanted clarification with this guy since I felt like he was wasting my time back then and I wanted to know if he just wanted to hang out as friends or because he was attracted to me and was willing to explore something long-term in the future.

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  • No he was just bluffin

  • Nah, not at all. I wouldn't worry about it.