How can you wait for someone you want but can't have right now?

Tell me a story about a guy or girl you had to wait for. If he was dating someone or you just couldn't be together, and did you finally get them?


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  • There is absolutely no way I'd ever wait for anyone. I'm not saying I'm the manliest man in the world but Jesus Christ you'd have to seriously be lacking a spine if you wait for someone while they fuck around with other people.


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  • I waited for 7 months only to get left cause his heart was still with his ex. It's the stupidest thing a person can do.. if a guy/girl has to wonder about you and put you on a waiting list it's a good way of the universe saying the person isn't meant to be. With my boyfriend everything was easy. We met and instantly liked one another with no games or waiting lists.


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  • Enough said that The One will become available to you when someday you get ambushed and even banned to be alone. That's when you remember them & reach out to see what their life is about. They may be finally ready to be a couple.
    After my ides of March
    I reached out to my angel
    she was finally ready
    and the 2nd 1/2 of my life was/is 10 times better than the entire 1st half

  • Yes, I did... he was my first boyfriend, who later moved to a university 4 hrs away. My advice is to never wait for them. At the end, he ended up dumping me for another girl. Although, I'm not going to let it bother me.

    Being happily single, and have a lot of friends around is better. Time will tell when someone is right for me :)