Do people with anxiety/depression ever feel like their partners are a burden to them for needing love/reassurance?

When their partners take it personal?

Other thoughts?
As in when the partners are taking the withdrawal personally; like the partner with depression doesn't like them anymore.


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  • depends on what the depression is from, but if its based on wanting pure love, no, never a burden, especially if she tells me her feelings, so i can give her that love


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  • Well I don't feel as if he is a burden to me but I do sometimes feel as if I am a burden on him. I have anxiety and depression, and the things my dad did/said caused me to always feel so annoying and as if im a waste of space etc. so i feel really bad if i ask for attention from my boyfriend but i require A LOT of attention

    • Does he ever ask for reassurance from you, if you happen to withdraw? Does he ever take it personally, even if unintentionally?

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    • He knows now what Im like when im really upset due to depression vs just sad

    • Gotcha, thanks for sharing.


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  • As someone who has dealt with this stuff...
    I think that people with anxiety/depression have to focus on themselves and better themselves alone. They shouldn't pull other people down too, and those people deserve better.

  • I've noticed that guys tend to take it personally when I stop reaching out, even though my anxiety makes it hard for me. My female friends generally just ask me what's wrong and reach out when they realize that I can't.

    • Do you lose all patience for those kinds of guys who take it personally?

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    • What if they want to be there for you but just need some reassurance that you still like them/it isn't them?

    • Honestly, when my anxiety acts up the last thing I need to be worrying about is an insecure partner. If he doesn't get that I have anxiety, all he's doing is adding to it. Everyone else in my life understands what I'm going through, he needs to as well.