Is it really worth wasting my time anymore?

I've tried for years to find a serious relationship, and I've only been able to go out with one woman in 5 years, and the petty relationship we had didn't last a month because she was transferring colleges so she dumped me... I don't know what the hell i'm supposed to do anymore. I apprach women, but they show no interest... I'm on 9 different dating apps, but i get no replies when I message women. I have tinder, but matches never reply back. My ex girlfriend absolutely loved how I treated her "supposedly". I'm not awkward or creepy, and I'm just so damn tired of failing. Even my damn anti depressants aren't helping anymore (I suffer from severe depressionšŸ˜… I've been to multiple therapist which were unable to help). I'm just so damn lost as to what I'm doing wrong or what i should be doing. It's hard enough getting out of bed every morning, but honestly I just cry because I'm always alone. I have no friends or family. Would it just be better to give up or just quit and exit stage right?


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  • Omg I'm a women an I'm going threw the same thing. It makes it hard to want to do life with out receiving any type of love or support. All I ever want to do is just sleep all day. It seems like after leaving a four year relationship everything has gone down hill. I've been single for 3 years and it's the worst. I recently thought I found someone we dated for 5 months until I found out he was married. Weekends suck because everyone usually out with their loves ones creating memories. All I could really do today is pray and just go to sleep. I feel helpless in this situation and all I really want is God to fix it!

    • I've pretty much given up on god because I'm pretty sure he has quit listening...

    • I feel the same way

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  • The problem with a lot of single people is they ooze in desperation. It's a huge turn-off. You have to be comfortable with being by yourself to a point where you don't care whether having a girl in your life matters. Find your passion and discover the world. Maybe you need change your style.

    • I'm lucky to get out of bed. Passions isn't something I've ever had. I'm lucky just to get through the day. I can't be by myself any longer. It's getting bad enough to where I'm debating ending my own existence.

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    • I can't tell you how to live your life but there are lot of places in the world that you haven't seen and people haven't met. When you discover your passion, you will become interesting and that will attract women

    • I have no desire for a passion because they do not exist.

  • I understand your situation. Your story is close to what mine was at your age.
    Believe it or not, there are a lot of decent young men around your age who are in a similar situation.
    I also have depression, as well as PTSD. Are you on medication? Why have you seen more than one psychiatrist? It is a bad idea to hop from one doctor to another, because to treat you in the optimal way a doctor needs to get to know your case and to tinker with your medication, to get it right.

    • I'm on a cocktail of medications. I had to switch because I moved away for college. My doctors dropped my dosages recently and I've just gone down hill, but they refused to up them again.

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    • I have no desire to be am accountant. I'm already 2 years into college I can't turn back now. I'm just shit out of luck with no damn options anymore... I guess it's best to check out early since I have no future as it is.

    • Stop being a drama queen. Seriously.
      Keep going with the journalism degree if that is your dream, but be prepared to look long and hard for any work.