Online crush desire?

I kid of wanted to call this a dilemma but I don't think it's there lol

So anyways, there's a woman that I have a crush on. It's a little weird in this situation because I haven't met her. But in some sense I kind of already know a bit about her because she's a best friend of MY best friend. I've seen her pictures and heard stories about her and my friend. It's hard to really say much but she lives in another far city.

So what do you think about this type of situation? What would you do if you found out that your crush is what you're looking for but know that it may never happen? Lay it out. I'm just curious to hear if anyone else has experienced this or what someone might suggest.


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  • About this situation? I would say it's even hard to say You have a crush on her if You didn't even talked to each other...

    If I found out that my crush is what I'm looking for but know that it may never happen? Knowing my luck? I would start to get drunk to forget about it, I have a better chance to win the lottery twice in a row LOL (!)

    But knowing You're not me? oooh hell, go for it! What You got to loose? Ask Your BstF to make a chance for You to meet Her. ^^
    I know a couple of people that meet that way, carzy shit but for some works out.


    • I wasn't sure what to call it since I'd never gone through something like this lol but hey, you might be right. I might get lucky and get to meet her

    • And thanks lol

    • No problemow ^^

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  • I have to question your past dating experience if you still develop crushes of this sort.

    Crushes are usually fantasy land. Your mind fills in all sorts of gaps in a way beneficial to your preferences, falling in love with a woman you never even dated (in this case, never even met).

    We have too many Romantic films these days are ridiculous love stories like this. They generally don't work out in reality. There are endless women out there right outside your door, why fixate on this one?

    Anyway, maybe with the right kind of social skills you could arrange to meet her and see how it goes. Trouble is, people who crush this hard and from this much of a distance are often lacking the right kind of skills to even have a decent chance of pulling it off.

    • We have too many Romantic films these days are [/with] ridiculous love stories like this.

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    • Challenging to be masculine*

    • That can be useful since it could give you some empathetic qualities that might help you relate to a woman's troubles. Tricky part is that you usually need to project some masculine qualities to actually attract her in a sexual/romantic kind of way. If you can find the right kind of balance, you should do fairly well. Right now you might be a bit lopsided.

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