Would you date an introvert?

I am an introvert.

I am shy, hate drinking/parties and never have had a girlfriend.

I do try new things, will talk to new people, small talk strangers...

It just takes me a while to get close to someone...

It feels like an extroverts world out there, especially for men...

Would you ever date an introvert?

It feels like people don't give us a chance, and it's harder for guys because we are the ones that are expected to lead.


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  • If it were a girl.. not someone that is way too shy. I need someone that has the ability to communicate.


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  • I would choose a introvert guy over a extrovert one... becoz I feel that introvert guys are more emotional n also they value people more...

    • That is true :)

      But how would you end up going out with one?

      They would be shy, and might not approach you...

    • That's not a problem that they r shy or will not talk but Yaa nothing would happen if they'll not approach me

    • By the way I would like to know u... If u don't mind wts ur name?

  • Yes. I prefer to date people more like me anyways (introvert here).

  • Absolutely :)

  • Yesss. introverts are great. I am one of the most introverted person myself lol. Yeah like that one jser said. We do tend to be more emotional. And what is more attractive than a guy that is sensitive and emotional 😍?


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  • The main 'roadblock' for introvert men, is about approaching and talking to women. Introvert women are speared form this because they usually don't have to initiate. This is something which you should overcome by brute force. Women will be willing o date you ID you approach them, introvert or not.

    I am somewhat of an introvert myself, and have suffer from social anxiety. So I never date or ask women out! Don't fall into the same trap I did.

  • Ditto. There are lovely introverted women dying to meet you. Online dating worked for me. I met and eventually married a beautiful introverted woman.

    • Online dating really did not work for me, It made me feel really bad about myself.

      Which sites did you use?

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    • I was told not to get Match for that reason, but maybe I will check it one day...

      Are there girls from 18-25 on there?

    • probably not so much because it's a bit expensive