Am I over reacting?

Today made me realise my boyfriend (of 1.5 years) doesn't give a crap about me. My father passed away suddenly when I was 15, so obviously today isn't a great day for me. I asked my boyfriend if we could do something together (he saw his dad yesterday so wasn't going to today). I left him to sleep in until midday and thought that would be an ok time to call him ( he was still asleep and grumpy as sin), this grumpiness lasted all day - he kept me on 'hold' saying he'd see me.. hours went by, he said 'in a bit i'll see you'. Now at 8.30pm he tells me to F*** off and that i'm needy etc.
All I wanted was reassurance today and to take my mind off things, but he only wants to see me when its on his terms. In my eyes the relationships over after this, things like this happen all the time this isn't a first.


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  • this ain't a relationship.


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  • I'd tell him to go away tbh. But I make rash and wild decisions