Am I inlove or confused?

I have been seeing this guy for seven months. he makes me happy. He has done few things to prove his love for me. But sometimes I just don't want to be with him and I'd break up with him over silly stuff. Usually I did this to get his attention, but for the past few weeks I meant what I said. I searched for does she love me signs and when I read them they indicate I don't love him. He's been selfish here and there he'd apologise. But that makes me even more mad! I love the guy but I don't love the way he does things. If you love someone aren't you suppose to love them for everything they are? Even though I agree with the signs than how come does he makes my heart skip a beat? And I can't imagine not having him as part of my life. I love him sometimes I just don't and i'd cancel everything on last minute coz I can't face him because of guilt. And he is not the type of guy I usually go for looks wise, but I really like his personality and i am impressed by his efforts so far. I am not telling anyone about him but his telling everyone about me talks about marriage but I'd cut the convo short. i am not even sure if I want to be seen with him. but I do have feelings for him. Deep down I love him but I can't prove it. Is something wrong with me?


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  • You just need to learn how to communicate. Tell him exactly when he gets you mad, what is it that he does that annoys you or so, if you never tell him those things how do you expect him to change? You don't have any problem, some people are better than the others when it comes to expose feelings. You will learn how to deal with yours


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  • lol, you are such a great example of why I don't take women seriously or invest my time in them anymore.

    • So r u saying there is something wrong me?

    • Possibly. Love begins within. I bet you are not content or satisfied with yourself. I bet you do not truly love yourself.

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