Should I text him?

I asked him out on a date. His sister told me he liked me. We went on the date had a good time texted for a little bit and then my friends told me to ask him out again so I did he said yeah but he couldn't do it this week because he started a new job but he could do it next week. And then I said OK just tell me the day and time. He's really bad at texting with even his mom. he always text me back no matter what. But I don't want to annoy him it's been two days now. Should I text him because I really want to talk to him.


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  • Text him. Never worry that innocuous behavior will upset a new relationship. You don't want to be with a guy who is upset that easily.

    • Do you think it would be weird if I said " I know you're busy but I hope you are having a good day? :)"

    • No, that's perfectly fine.


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  • Yea why not