I messed up my first Date I want to fix it?

I was supposed to go on a date today with this really cute guy that I met 3 months ago and we were going to meet for the first time, but something came up and I had to cancel it last minute but luckly for me the place we were going to meet is only 7 minutes away from where I was so he came to where I was because he told me that he did not care if we could not go on a date he just wanted to see me and spend time with me because he is going away to college and he wanted to start a relationship before he left. We ended up meeting each other at a mutural place and just sitting there talking about our lives. When I met him he was dressed all nice and he really wanted to go to the movies. i brought my small dog with me and the whole time he was acting like my dog had a disease on him and kept pushing him away. All I did was stare at him and talk to him for a while because he did not really want to talk. He was very distant towards me and I could tell that he wanted to leave and that it was too slow for him. I just felt bad because he did not get the date that he wanted. I just felt so bad that I told him that he could leave and that he did not have to be there if he did not want to. As soon as I told him he gets up as fast as he could walking away. He is a really nice guy and I know that he likes me a lot it was just the fact that we did not end up going to the movies that really upset him and I apologized to him and told him that I did not want the bad date to ruin or relationship because he really liked me but I ended up making him feel bad and worse and now he is not responding Advice? Did i ruin our date? I want try it again but I do not know of he is going too because it feels that bad?


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  • He is either allergic to dogs or he had a negative experience in the past or he was incredibly nervous. A/w, if he is not responding, move on.


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  • I don't think you ruined the date... just think you had a bad one.

    My advice is forget about it and continue looking in other places. Maybe he contacts you or maybe he doesn't, but the ball isn't in your court.

  • What a sissy you are.

    You didn't ruin the date. You try hard to ruin yourself though.

    • You are lucky he is not responding. Don't miss the chance to turn to more interesting and mature people.

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