Obnoxious how do I tell him nicely?

I love my boyfriend very much, he's caring, sweet, selfless, and he's an overall great guy. He tends to be obnoxious when we are around people, at parties or out for dinner, even just hanging out with family. He asks so many questions and seems to need to put on a show. All the questions start to annoy me after a while. I wish he would just be part of the conversation instead of needing all the attention. Or if we go out to eat, he'll take forever to order and then have to go over everything with the waiter or waitress, and when we get the check he always disputes the price because somethings always wrong even when its not. It gets embarrassing and it's obnoxious. I get annoyed easily with him when he does these things and I don't mean to, I just wish he could tone it down and I don't want to offend him when I tell him.


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  • I would talk to him about some of these things. It would be embarrassing to be at a restaurant with him in that situation and you should just try explaining (maybe you have) that it is really embarrassing for you and it is not appropriate. You could also try explaining that the waiters are busy and don't have time for that so you can blame it on that. Otherwise with the parties and hanging out thing, you can't change someone's personality, if you don't like it you might want to reassess things. You have to take people for who they are because they won't change and if you try and get them to they might resent you. Learn to love it or maybe realize he is not for you.

  • I just don't think you two are the right fit for each other and it'd be better to just go separate ways. Cause what you find obnoxious, another girl could love. It's better not to change people if they are happy as who they are.