Did I say something bad?

Talking to a girl, who I was supposed to hangout with this week. She went to a concert over the weekend, and I was kind of asking her about it. Joked a little and wanted to make sure she was ok (she had some incidents at the concert she told me), so I wanted to make sure she was alright which she was. Then, I asked her if she still wanted to hang out over the week. She said "I'm trying to recover first lol". I said "hey, hey, hey... you'll be fine lol (sarcastically, we are always this way to each other), was the concert worth it?". Read and no reply, for a while, then I send her another message and doesn't even open it but is messaging all over social media. Did I do something?


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  • You are seeking her approval, worried about saying the wrong thing and asking her if she is sure about seeing you.

    When you talk to anyone, own what you say. If they do not like it, not your problem. You have made the mistake of taking her too seriously... she does not really care about you.


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  • She don't want to go on a date right now. Tell her that you can wait for her to be ready or recover from the last event she went to until she feels better to meet up with you. Keep that topic out of your conversations for a couple of days. She might just be nervous to see you in person.

    • No I get that, but now she's not even opening my messages, or replying to anything at all. I'm just asking her stuff about concerts and such, nothing that has to do with going on a date. Why is she ignoring me like that, is it because I said something bad?

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