I feel As if I have to explain myself, how can I stop?

First of all Thank you for all the positve feed back i got on my last post. But this post also has to deal with the last one, however in a deeper sense. As i stated firmly I like other races other then mine, and i would prefer to date outside and explore the other races. But for some reason i feel guliy about it. Ever time I read a book or see simple picture my mind changes the picture to a Black male, and I started to get confused and the my gut would hurt and I felt a heavy in a way. Althought I have seemed to figure out the deeper reason of why I'am not attracted towards them the problem still keeps coming back, can someone help?


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  • I don't remember seeing your previous post. Why are you not attracted to members of your own race?


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  • Why would you feel guilty about it? Were you brought up in a family who had a nasty habit of stereotyping people from other races?


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  • You should've left out the details, that would be a good start xD


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