Why is he being like this?

I've been seeing this guy for over 2 months now and it started of great, he would always message me first we talked on every social media platform at the same time all day and he would always make effort to see me. For the past month he's been acting slightly off and replying hours in between so i asked him about it earlier on and he said it was just the stress of his exams and he would be fine later on. The last time i saw him was 2 weeks ago and it went so well then he was acting like we were a proper couple and that he really liked me. I was meant to be seeing him on Sunday but he said a few days before he can't to see family so i said next week? and he said he can't because he's watching a sporting game so I just said oh right fair enough. Now he's ignored my message saying "thank you" or something like that 3 days ago and hasn't sent me any other messages and has even said to my friend that we were good when she asked about me however i asked her to mention to him that i said we haven't been speaking much and he ignored that message. He started typing a message to me aswell and then stopped and didn't send anything so I don't know what to do, we used to talk every day and I haven't even seen him in 2 weeks so I don't know why he's suddenly changed like this. Also, I read his messages to my friend yesterday (who is dating his best friend) and he was being completely fine like his usual self and replying to her very fast which he hasn't done to me in a long time. I'm so confused and don't know what to do and don't want to message him as I dont want to look needy or annoying, please help!!

I feel like he's lost interest and I don't know how to get his interest back


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  • In my opinion, the guy got complacent. You're still around, and his effort has dropped off. Therefore, he figures he does not need to do as much as before to keep you as his significant other.

    This is normal (especially for guys). You put in more effort to fancy someone new than you would to fancy someone you've been with for a while.

    • That makes sense actually, I don't know what to do though should I message him now? He's really stubborn so I don't know if he would message me if I don't

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    • Yeah you're right, I'll try and not contact him and see what happens, hopefully i'll get a message after his last exam or something, thanks so much for your advice :)

    • Thanks for the MHO!


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  • yea it looks like he lost interests hun. Im sorry but that is just a part of dating. He was into you but not that into you.

    • you could be right :( any advice on what to do to get his interest back?

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    • should I just wait and see if he messages me then? he was typing out a message yesterday and then stopped so i don't know what he was going to say and it's really annoying me

    • yes he will hit you up if he really wants to talk to you. its clear he is not interested anymore

  • Maybe he has responsibilities, like most people do. See when you get older and you have things to do. Sometimes you don't have time to text. Why don't you go see him or call him. And maybe you're too needy? So chill relax, work on yourself. Maybe work and go to school or workout or something. I see my partner once a week it's because we both work and go to school so it's hard. But we have excellent communication. Just come to him and tell him how you feel

    • I was thinking that before but it's the fact he was texting my friend all weekend non stop and didn't even text me at all that's made me worry, you think I should ask him about it?

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    • I would but I'm not going to get a chance to talk to him about it in person unless we text and plan to meet up. I am a little needy I do admit but nothing ott.

    • Just do things to improve yourself and eventually he will start calling and messaging you Because you're not needy.