New guy posted something odd on fb, possibly narcisstic?

We've been dating a couple of months and there are certain things about him that I feel could be on the narcisstic side. It would be too difficult for me to post that stuff because the reader cannot get a feel for how he says/does things that could be narcisstic. But something that he posted today makes me wonder. Mind you, we are not fb friends. And his page is private. I have no idea what his pictures or page look like. The following showed up on his otherwise private page. It was the deal where you can click and see how to pronounce someone's name. His name is easy to say. But when you click the microphone to listen, he says his name is pronounced as "captain awesome." I just find it a little strange that a 38 yo man is posting it, although, I have no doubt he feels that way about himself. I try to stay far away from anyone narcisstic and I look for warning signs.


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  • In an unrelated psychological test, scientists were shocked and surprised to discover that a high number of women found men with narcissistic traits the most attractive...

    Having said that, I'm also Captain awesome so er


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  • He's probably joking.