What are we? & where do we fall?

So I've been talking to a guy for about 2 weeks now I know it's not very long & I really like him. Despite the little baggage I learned to get over it. So my understanding was we were going to talk & see where things go & I'm still available. However he's throwing around mixed signals & its throwing me off. I went to his house yesterday night & we broke night kissing & watching tv. I thought we would be gone before his mom got home in the morning but he ended up surprising me with the "you're going to meet my mom, she should be home any minute now". When she did come home he called me babe on front of her which I thought was adorable but it did completely throw me off. In the house he whispered to me I know you're available & everything but I don't want you wearing those shorts anymore outside unless you're with me. The shorts didn't show my butt but I guess he thought it was causing too much attention. We don't hold hands in the street but he does make me walk on the inside of the sidewalk like a gentleman. He ran into his friends mom on the train & introduced me as Sam but when he got off the train two stops before me after saying bye to the lady he gave me a kiss on the lips on front of her and in public and said I'll see you soon then left. He seems pretty open about talking to me on front of co workers & certain friends (only certain because we have afew of the same friends & we aren't ready to let people know about us talking just yet). He's adorable & has a good head on his shoulder but I honestly can't tell where we fall. I know if I ask him he will just say talking but most of those things I don't feel are just signs of "talking". Could he just be trying to mess with my head? I hope not. I've honestly never really just "spoke to someone" talking was verbal. Making out, pet names & kissing goodbye in public was always considered dating. Is their rules I don't know about? Do I got this all wrong?


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  • He wants you just for him and nobody else. Seems like it is going to be serious and not a little fling


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  • I think his intentions are serious about you. However, I didn't like the comment he made about your shorts. I mean, who does he think he is to dictate you what you should be wearing?

    • Crap, I meant to type *I think he has serious intentions about you


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  • i'd love to fall on ur booty ;)


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