Did I give up to early?

A month ago I went out on a date with a friend of my cousin. We went for a couple drinks that turned into a few more. Then she invited me back to her place for the night. She said she didn't want to have sex yet though. (which I was okay with, it's not my main goal.) but I couldn't get her to go out a second time. I asked twice and she was busy both times but never said no or offered a time she was available so i assumed she wasn't interested. Recently I saw her again at a get-together with the cousins. She gave me a hug, asked if I wanted to sit by her. Which I assumed was just her being friendly. I caught her looking at me a few times. Apparently later she was talking to my sister and told her how we made out so much the other night and that I'm a good kisser. I'm confused with how friendly she was. Being polite is one thing but she still gave me the feeling she was interested. Did I give up to early?


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  • She is interested but not enough to really make something happen with you clearly or she would have done that when she had the chance. So just continue to be cordial around her when you see her. dont make yourself to available but give her just a little if she asks to do something with you.

  • If I was interested but was busy I would suggest an alternative day. I wouldn't let it just fizzle out. She might just be a friendly girl, but not looking for a boyfriend at the moment. Maybe you could ask her again (last time) and ask her when she is free?


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