Does this mean he likes me?

I met this guy at a local store where I go often and he works there. I made the first move and ask him for an item I couldn't find and we talk and he ask me questions about me , we have shared looks, we both have caught the other looking. When I talk to him he can't look me in the eye and he wants me to ask him not the others. I notice he is always series with other girls but when it comes to me he ask me questions and remembers our conversations , I ask him for something and he walk with me to the registers and he ended cashing my sale and he was like "hello we meet again" just to keep asking me questions. The other day I ask another guy who works there for a book and he stay there looking at me with he's eyes wide open. The thing is that I'm clueless about guys and he wears a ring on he's left hand on the I'm married finger my friends say it could be a lord of the ring ring but I doubt it but he is always looking at me I have caught him and we have made eye contact. He's always around I even saw him and a friend look at me and he said to him " that's how you get girls".


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  • Probably yes, he is interested.

    • Why does he wear a ring on he's left hand in the I'm married finger?

    • It can be anything; you can't know if he doesn't tell you.

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • Yes, it's quite possible he likes you, but maybe he is too shy to admit his feelings for you.


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  • It's possible.