He kept texting me, I ignored all of his texts and NOW that I texted him back he is ignoring me?

Wtf why?
Somebody pls explain


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  • This is why you shouldn't ignore people you actually plan on talking to in the future... You say you were busy, but you didn't tell him that at the time and people use the "I was busy" excuse all the time so he won't believe you now unless you apologize sincerely.

    • Lol no way, I had a shit load o work to do, and I like to focus 100% on what I'm doing, I didn' have time for other distractions.

    • of*****

    • Well, he can't know you are that 1% who was really busy, not the 99% who just use that as an excuse to ghost someone. He probably wondered if you literally couldn't find the 30 seconds it would have taken you to type "I'm sorry, I'm super busy for the next couple of days but I'll message you on Friday", and rightly so. If you're too stubborn to apologize for this you two will never talk again, that's just how it is.

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  • I can see Clear here, dear, that Tit for Tat is where he is At... He figures Now Somehow what is Good for the Goose is now Good for the Gander. In other words, he is Holding a Grudge because of you Having Had Put him on your Pay no Mind list.
    Give him some time to reply. If not, he is Not the right Guy.
    Good luck. xx

    • *In the future, if you are Busy, Text back, "Busy right now but will get back to you in a Few."xx

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    • Oh, wonderful then.. no grudge bearer, just making you sweat some, sweet. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • Learn you fucking lesson. Dont ignore people. Its rude as fuck and they'll move on

  • Cause you were a dick to him, i do the same if i was him tbh. Just to see howvyou like it😅🤗

  • Well why did you ignore him in the first place?


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  • if you ignored him, he's going to ignore you. It's bound to happen, it's an ego thing lmao common sense. If a guy ignored all of my texts & then he all of a sudden answered I'd be pissed too like wtf he expects me to not be mad you know?

    • Aha i understand. It's like a payback. Well, what should I do then?

    • hmm haha I'm not sure maybe something like "I'm sorry I couldn't answer before I got super busy" but I don't know if it'll work because I used to like this guy and I ignored him because he just put "lol" and he LITERALLY was so upset, he didn't even wish me a happy birthday😖 Haha it has somethin to do with their ego.

    • it'll take him a while lmao

  • Maybe you ignored him before.
    That's childish.
    Forget him.