My Indian boyfriend, does he take our relationship seriously?

We have been dating for 3 weeks now. I meet my boyfriend at work. He's Indian from New Delhi and turing 31 years old this August. He's Hindu and is vegetarian. I'm Chinese 27 years old.

He started kissing me on the 4th date. Recently while we were making out at his condo, he gropped my breasts and we went into his bedroom and made out naked. No intercourse.

Today when i was feeling sick, he offered to drive me home. He always carry things for me too.

He told me most of his friends are married with kids already and turned boring instead of adventurous like him.

He said he's not ready for me to meet his parents. He told me he needs to find a different way to tell his parents about us. However he doesn't mind meeting my mother.

Is he not taking this relationship seriously into marriage? He he using me for sex or to pass time until he finds an Indian girl?


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  • Won't show you to his parents. ... bad sign.


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  • Okay honestly?

    I don't know if he's looking for an Indian girl like it's a conscious thing but I will tell you this: MOST Indian guys end up wanting to marry an Indian girl.

    Why? Because Indian culture is very communal. There are lots of people involved in everyone's life. This guy will not want ot give up his social life by marrying someone who is not Indian.

    I think you should not really allow him to do anything other than kiss you with both your clothes on and see if he still likes you.

    Say you come from a conservative culture and don't want to until you are ready.

    If he runs for the mills you'll have your answer.


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  • Can't say! To be honest Conservative parents are hard to deal with! And he definitely needs a strategy. But it's just 3 weeks of dating, why are you concerned about marriage? At least get to know him first. Wait for 2 months, and ask him to meet his parents. If that happens you are good to go!

  • could be his parents are raciest.

  • You act like you're not interested in sex. If you're not, then why are you dating him?

  • maybe ;)


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  • It's been 3 weeks and you want to know if he will marry you. If I were him, I'd run far away from you.