Asked another girl to go away with him and his friends? Cause for concern?

I'm traveling for a month - and in this month the guy that I'm seeing best friend has organised a beach trip. As I'm away my guy after finding out the dates I'm away, he has asked another girl. He has told me he has asked her and has been open to me when they text.

hus best friend is going with his girlfriend and is looking for other people to join them on this weekend away.

we have been seeing each other for a while but not "official" I've met his family, he's met mine and ice stayed at his 3 nights in a row. I don't think he's seeing this girl


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  • 3 nights with him? Like doing what?
    But I think he is persuading himself by this reason ( it wasn't official with you)


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd be worried if I were you.