If it still feels awkward around a crush after 4 months does that mean its not working between us?

4 months ago today, me and my crush first started talking to each other in person and online. Online we are talking a lot everyday, while in person we are both so awkward that the longest conversation we had is four sentences. I am blushing like crazy and she only very rarely holds eye contact past a second. Its really hard to talk, most of the time its just awkward silence. I don't really know why. Does this mean its not working? What do I do?


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  • Yes, I guess so.


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  • It probably means you've fallen in love with a fantasy, imaginations and dreams of being with her over actually being with more. Your head fills in all sorts of blanks, and you practically kind of audition in your mind what you are going to do with her, say to her, etc.

    It adds tons of pressure when you actually meet her because you've built up such an elaborate fantasy in your head.

    Maybe you should try asking her out to a place that involves a physical activity, an icebreaker like a scary ride at an amusement park (adrenaline rush), or have alcohol together if you're old enough. That should loosen up all the tension.


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  • Means you both of you need to put your big boy and girl pants on and build some communication. Your too old to sit there in silence and barely talk in person. If both probably don't need to be together if both of you are shy as hell as nothing will move forward as your waiting on the other person to do it.

  • just tell her how you feel dude. let her know whats up. dont think about, just go by what you feel