How long would you wait for a girl to make up her mind?

So this girl i wanna date is suppused to tell her parents how she feels about me... but has not done it yet. This may not be important to some but it is too me even more so since she does not wanna date me till she tells her parents about us. I know she likes me... and its pretty much already like were a couple but i dont wanna waste my time when i could find someone else... That won't let their parents be the reason for not dating me. Pss its been 2 days since she the day she was suppused to tell mainly her mom who is not ok with her dating black people... i dont wamna rush her but at the time i dont wanna be toy around with.


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  • I get you're problem, give her a little more time but let her know how important this is to you

    • Will do i guest.. just dont wanna bring it up 247

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    • Yeah wait a couple days, then bring it up again, if no progress has been made

    • We about today weather or not shewants to date me she said yes etc i asked what was the problem then. She said I don't know. I said I don't know as in i need time to think or I don't know as in am worried to say how i feel. She said no i just dont know we act like were dating but were not were both worried and i dont know why were not dating. So i said what should we do? and she said what do u wanna do? so give her a list of thinga but no reply yet.


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  • So you're not even dating her yet because she hasn't asked her parents because you're black. But you're both adults.

    • Her mom not ok with it but her dad reallly wouldn't care but yes

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  • Cut bait bro. You're being yanked around.

    • I don't know i could be she showed me her darily and we been friends for almost a year now. So I don't know why she would yaked me around.. i think her mom seen us kissing and she called her over then pulled off very fast

  • Lmfaooo