Signs a guy is hurt vs mad?

What are the signs that a guy is hurt vs mad? Is a guy's ego hurt in both the cases?

There's this shy guy who likes me and I think I've unintentionally hurt his ego.. I'm not sure if I've hurt his feelings or he's just angry with me.. he's pretending like nothing's happened but when we met he was deliberately ignoring me.. when I tried to talk to him he was being sarcastic and barely spoke 3 words to me... though he was blushing the whole time...


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  • They are often mad because they are hurt


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  • Being mad or angry is just an outward manifestation of feeling hurt or frustrated. So if someone is mad and ignoring you , then it generally means they have been hurt. A person's silence is their loudest statement. It means they feel hurt in someway

    Everyone reacts to their negative emotions. They just display how they feel in different ways. Some people display outbursts of angry, others use silence and ignore you. Then there's some who'll smile and pretend they are ok when deep down they are not. They tend to hide how hurt they are

    • So he's definitely hurt? I didn't realize it at that time.. I thought he was just being a jerk and didn't want to talk to me at that moment so I left thinking that maybe he just needed some space...

    • I think he's hurt , yes


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  • Probably a mix of both there. What exactly did you say to him lol?

    • Nothing lol I just called out to him saying "Can we talk?" He was like "What?" and started blushing like crazy.. he was totally red in the face..

  • He likes you, sad more than likely. Solve whatever it is, no point in holding grudges whatever it is


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